Fundraising Concert for Adigrat Vision on 24 September 2015

Almost 120 visitors joined us in the St. Georg Church in Bogenhausen for a very special evening.

The performers, the Seraphin Quartet and flautist Nathalie Schwaabe, took the audience on a musical adventure with virtuoso performances of a specially selected program.

Adigrat Vision e.V. would like to thank the musicians for donating their time to help raise money for the children in Adigrat, and we would like to thank everyone who came along and donated so generously. Our thanks also to Maximiliana Schürrle, Bavarian Honorary Consul to Ethopia, for her kind opening words.

July 2015

This summer, 36 boys and girls are leaving our kindergarten after almost three years of lessons, and making the step up to school. A fantastic graduation party was organized for the children, with music and dance. Each child received a certificate and a rucksack to use next year at school. Adigrat Vision are also providing these children with their uniforms, pens and exercise books.

In September, 36 new 3-to-4-year-old children will start their first lessons in the kindergarten.

The first stage of supporting the local Miwtsae Werki school has been completed. The bathroom block with 8 cubicles has been finished – up to now it was unfinished, bare bricks. On top of this, and thanks to the fantastic support of the Studiosus foundation, the school now has 120 tables and benches for their classrooms, some new and some refurbished. We also completed the first teacher training courses, to help staff develop their pedagogical and didactic skills. The trainings were given by Hailemekekot, the program’s Pedagogical Director. The entire staff showed their gratitude by preparing a special dinner for us in the school.

In September, 20 mothers of kids in our kindergarten will start the new AV microcredit project. Any mother can apply with her own business idea. The committee will analyze all of the proposals they receive and choose 20 women who will receive €200 loans to turn their business ideas into a reality. It could be anything from traditional handcraft to services to keeping farm animals. Adigrat Vision are working closely with the City of Adigrat on this project, as they have experience of managing similar projects with other NGOs.

And special thanks go out to the parents at our partner kindergarten in Munich, the Hedgehog Family, who have once again provided us with many, many pairs of trousers and t-shirts for the Ethiopian children.