July 2011

Our campaign "111 Stones for Adigrat" is in full swing. Every person who has bought a symbolic stone for 300 Euro for the construction of our kindergarten will receive as thanks a small concrete stone with his/her initials. Later, they will be immortalised in the kindergarten building wall, in the form of a real brick that has been personalised with their initials.  

The small "thank you" stones will be produced by students of the Helen Keller Secondary School in Munich. An initial workshop was held there on 6 July.

Peter Ottmann, who together with his architectural practice, designed our kindergarten, joined us personally at the school that morning. He brought four men, pouring concrete, styrofoam, paint, jigsaws and much more. After he had briefly presented our project in Adigrat to the students, the work began. The students practiced producing concrete forms, which will then later leave the donor's initials on the stone. With great enthusiasm and skill styrofoam was cut and pasted and concrete mixed, coloured and moulded. Many thanks to everyone involved, we are looking forward to the soon to be held second workshop.

June 2011

After the association, represented by Countess Zegga Wrangel, had received the building permission for the kindergarten from the responsible planning authority in Adigrat two days after submission of the plans in March, she travelled there in early June once again.

This time, the property needed to be measured and contact with the few other nurseries established in order to better assess the needs of children in Adigrat. European thought can be shed more easily when one is actually there on location. For example, do we need spacious wardrobe places as planned?  No, because of the weather, the children there seldom wear more than one layer of clothes. In addition, we could see that Ethiopian women prefer cooking outdoors and would not be able to work with a kindergarten kitchen as we know it – this has now been taken into consideration in the final planning.

Furthermore, Zegga Wrangel looked around for a reliable construction management / building contractor, which will later carry out the construction work for us. Contacts have been made, quotations have been validated, talks are underway. We are in good spirits!

March 2011

With the slogan "Relax and Help" we cordially invite you to a Charity Yoga session that will benefit our kindergarten project! The experienced yoga teachers Saba Bogale and Josy Gorski (well-known from television) would like to give you two relaxing and stimulating hours of yoga while supporting children from the Ethiopien town of Adigrat.

When? Sunday 3 April from 14.00 - 16.00Where? Turnerschaft Jahn, Weltenburgerstr. 53, Multi-purpose hall, Munich

The session is open to yogis of all levels (beginners and advanced) and all ages (children are welcome). We ask you to bring a mat and blanket.

Admission is free. A donation would be appreciated! 

The Adigrat Vision e.V. association is looking forward to you and your support!

February 2011

On Thursday 24 February, the association gave an art exhibition opening at the Galerie Biedermann, which was a great success. It focused on the art of Countess Zegga Wrangel and Konrad Staisch. Zegga sews typical African tapestries from fabric remnants, also called inlaid patchwork. She learned this skill from Italian nuns in Eritrea. Konrad works with spray paint and templates and created so-called "stencils".

In addition, we launched the "111 Stones for Adigrat" campaign and have already sold 33 stones! Thanks to all the generous donors and volunteers! It was a great evening also thanks to the generous catering by our "little" helpers who never allowed the cheese, bread and grape platters to go empty.

A special mention should be made of Peter Ottmann, who had the idea of the stones, and particularly for designing our building plans. Many thanks to Karin Staisch, Andrea Barth and Annette Weltz for the organisation and their great words. As you can see on the homepage, our donation status has risen once more an we would like to thank them for this once again.

The stones can still be purchased from members of the association; information about this can be found under "Support". Of course we would be greatful for continued donations so that we can start, as planned, with the construction of our kindergarten in autumn.

January 2011

We are currently planning an exhibition of Countess Zegga Wrangel's inlaid patchwork at the Galerie Biedermann. There will be the opportunity to donate to our association. At the exhibition opening, our architect, Peter Ottmann, will present a new campaign, called " 111 Stones for Adigrat". The campaign is centred around the idea, as can be seen in the image on the right, of building "personalised stones" into the facade of our building. You can buy one of these colourful stones with your initials in Munich and in autumn these "partner stones" will then be incorporated into the masonry of our main facade.

You are warmly invited to the exhibition opening on 24 February 2011 at 18:00 at the Galerie Biedermann, 25 Maximilansstraße.

The exhibition will run until 27 February 2011 and one of our project representatives will always be there to inform you about the status of our project. We look forward to seeing you there!