Pedagogic support for the primary school Mitswae Werki June 2018

Since 2014 our partner school Mitwsae Werki has also been running so-called “O classes”. Children aged 4-7 go to the “O class” for three years, which are effectively kindergarten groups. At the moment there are six of these classes with a class size of about 35 children.

Unfortunately, these children are cared for by so-called “emergency teachers”, who are untrained men and women with neither previous education nor experience in dealing with kindergarten children. In addition, there is no material in the classrooms to play or paint for the children.

AV will now be offering these teachers the opportunity to volunteer in our kindergarten. In this way, the inexperienced teachers can observe the interaction.

Support for the Mitwsae Werki and Che'anaduc Primary Schools

The first children from the AV Kindergarten have been attending school since September 2014. A large number of these children go to the primary school Mitwsae Werki, located very near to the kindergarten. This is a school with 1000 pupils, which attend classes in rosters (half of them in the morning and the other half in the afternoon).

Our visits see us addressing a great need for materiel goods, such as school desks and benches, as well as pedagogical teacher training.
In June 2015 Adigrat Vision e.V. financed the restoration of the school toilet block (8 toilets) as well as 100 desks and benches and 8 blackboards which either repaired or replaced with new ones. In addition, the first didactic teacher training took place with massive success.


2019: Establishment of so-called HEALTH CLUBS in the neighboring schools

The educational leader Hailemelekot in the team Adigrat Vision and the nurse together with the teachers in the schools Mitswae Werki and Ch'anaduc have founded so-called Health Clubs.


Adigrat Vision organizes school meals

Due to the catastrophic food situation in Tigray, the association decided in February 2024 to provide the youngest pupils in one of the partner schools near the kindergarten with two meals a day. The approximately 260 children, who belong to the so-called O class (which corresponds to a pre-school class), receive a piece of bread and a cup of tea in the morning and a plate of noodles or rice at lunchtime.

The organisation is aware that this new, short-term project is just a drop in the ocean. Nevertheless, these children are fed at least five days a week and also attend school regularly.