Short-term project: distribution of food to elderly people from the neighborhood of the kindergarten.

The association, after a long consideration, decided to distribute food for three months to elderly people who live in the neighborhood where the kindergarten and also the school library are located.

Today, for the first time, 15kg of rice, 2 liters of oil and 1 bar of soap will be distributed to 120 elderly people. The beneficiaries were again selected by an independent committee made up of members of the district administration and Adigrat Vision officials.

With these food donations, the respective seniors will of course provide for other family members.

We - the members of the association in Munich - had a long and critical discussion about this project, because it is clear to us that the distribution of food to a part of the population is certainly not a sustainable and contemporary development work. In the end, we agreed on a time limit of three months, because we have full confidence in our staff in Adigrat, who could assure us that this project can maintain health and save lives in the short term.



Adigrat Vision is activ!

The situation in Adigrat continues to be characterized by peace, in the first days of May most schools in Tigray resumed classes.

Adigrat Vision launched several activities to benefit the students and teachers in Adigrat:

Teacher training on psychosocial support.

Donation of 3000 exercise books and 2000 pencils to needy school children.

The kindergarten is open again!

A month ago, on February 8th, the large, orange gate of the kindergarten in Adigrat could finally be opened again for normal kindergarten operations.

The first few days about 80 children came, after a week all 120 registered children were there to experience a bit of happy and peaceful normality in the four classes between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The children are again getting two meals a day, which is especially important now because of the poor food supply during the war. By playing together, the children between the ages of three and six will hopefully be able to process the horrors of recent times and then increasingly forget them.