Who we are


The association was founded in Munich on 23 February 2010 on the initiative of Zegga Wrangel. Zegga Wrangel has travelled to Ethiopia a number of times trying to trace her mother and has seen for herself the difficult situation that the women and, above all, the children face in her former homeland. 

On 10 March 2010, the association was registered in the association register under the name Adigrat Vision - Zukunft für äthiopische Kinder and since then has been recognised as a non-profit organisation from a tax perspective. 

Adigrat Vision e.V. currently has almost 50 members. Generous donors have made the construction of two kindergarten buildings possible and the running costs for the kindergarten that was opened in 2012 are covered by personal sponsors.
The board directors of the association travel to Adigrat at least three times a year to see how the project is going for themselves and to work on developing the project further.

All administrative costs and travel expenses are covered by the active members of the association. This means that every euro that has been donated goes towards the project and benefits the children!

It would be wonderful if you could help support us!


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