Asam-Gymnasium collects donations!

At the Health Day of the Asam-Gymnasium, the P-Seminar Sport of the upper school collects 1220€ for Adigrat Vision. Before the event, the students asked business people from the neighborhood of the school for financial support for the children in Northern Ethiopia.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the initiative and commitment of the students and the supervising teacher Mrs. Stefanie Hummel!


Donate books with one click!

The first building of the school library in Adigrat has now been completed.

The shelves are up, now only the books are missing.

A school textbook costs on average about €3.

And at least 4 sets per subject and year grade are required. Even the tiniest of donations will enable us to fill those shelves!

School furniture: Transport from Munich to Adigrat

The renovation of the Oskar-von-Miller Grammar School and the Maximilian Grammar School in Schwabing was on the Adigrat Vision e.V. radar as far back as summer 2018. But—when we learned that both schools intended to dispose of their used furniture at the dump—we soon got involved!

Both school’s directors were very cooperative and arranged direct contact with the building authority who granted permission to have the furniture donated to the Adigrat school library. As it happens, it transpired that the building authority wasn’t even authorized to make such a decision…but by the start of the summer holidays as many as 280 chairs and about 70 tables had already been loaded into the back of a truck and transported to Hamburg to the warehouse of a logistics company. What then followed was a hectic toing and froing between city authorities which ended up lasting several months. Despite our greatest efforts to obtain the necessary documentation, the loading of our furniture into a 40-foot container and the subsequent shipment via Djibouti to Ethiopia could only take place in December. At the end of January 2019, the container with the school furniture reached Adigrat. At our last visit we were able to confirm that the furniture had arrived undamaged in Ethiopia. Soon the tables and chairs will be used in the first building of the school library.
Our financial partner for the transport was Engagement Global.

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May 2019: Three Doctors from Ärztecamp International e.V. in Adigrat

Doctors from the “Ärztecamp International e.V.” visited Adigrat for 5 days in May 2019. Their mission was to assess the situation of medical care and evaluate the medical faculty of Adigrat University. The team comprised neurosurgeon,   Dr. Andreas Frank; anesthesiologist, Dr. Christine Kufner and orthopedist & trauma surgeon, Dr.Jörg Hausdorf.

The Ethiopians are open to receiving support and above all cooperating with German doctors, clinics and universities. Over the course of their visit to the hospital and the University, the three Munich doctors were able to get a good impression of the care provided by the hospital in Adigrat as well as of the current standard of medical education and medical techniques available at the University. According to the doctors, the improvement of trauma care has the highest priority. AV would like to thank the “Ärztecamp International e.V.” for the visit to Adigrat and hopes for more fruitful cooperation to come!


We need YOU

Some of the children at the Adigrat Vision Kindergarten are still without a sponsor. Being a sponsor gives you the chance to provide much needed care to a child. It ensures they receive free attendance to our supervised kindergarten where they can play, have fun and learn from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm. Your commitment enables us to provide the children with two meals a day, a school uniform, and a nurse to supervise. Our employed nurse helps with acute illnesses and educates the children and their families on good hygiene practices. We kindly ask for your support here. Please help us to continue the progress we have already made within the Adigrat community. A minimum one year sponsorship is as little as 22€.

Have any questions? We’d be happy to receive them at 

One-click is all it takes to be a sponsor!


Breaking ground for young readers

Mid-January of this year marked an important milestone with work commencing on the building of the library near the Adigrat Vision Kindergarten. In the absence of construction machinery in the country, workers have no option but to remove rubble with pickaxes, spades and shovels in order to excavate the foundations. In keeping with tradition, a wall surrounds the construction site keeping it secure from the very beginning.

We would welcome any donation, big or small, to ensure we can see this construction through to the end. Perhaps you’d like to become a member of our association or support our project with a one-time donation?

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