The hunger is immense - Adigrat Vision organizes school meals

The food supply situation in Tigray is getting worse and tenser. There are various reasons for this: Many fields were devastated during the war, farm animals were killed and farmers were forced to flee. As a result, the agricultural structure has been almost completely destroyed and the region is dependent on food supplies from other parts of Ethiopia. Due to the destroyed roads, extremely high fuel prices and, more recently, "road tolls", fewer and fewer aid shipments and food supplies are reaching Tigray. The extent of the current famine is horribly reminiscent of the situation in Ethiopia in the 1980s.

Adigrat Vision's latest project, started in February 2024, is the daily feeding of 260 schoolchildren in one of our partner schools. In a very short time, the local staff managed to install a mobile cooking station, set up a donated Unicef tent, equip it with tables and benches and thus provide the smallest schoolchildren (so-called "O-Class") with food twice a day. After just a short time, the physical condition of the children has improved noticeably and the number of children attending school regularly has also increased significantly.

Once again, we are impressed by how quickly and purposefully the staff in Adigrat react, recognize the needs and drive forward the practical implementation.