Hagos Gebremariam in Munich – 10 Days of Successful Information Exchange

Ethiopian Representative and Country Director for the NGO Adigrat Vision, Hagos Gebremariam, was in Munich for 10 days this October.

Hagos spoke at 4 Munich grammar schools, specifically the Max-Planck-Gymnasium, Asam-Gymnasium, Balthasar-Neumann-Realschule and Wittelsbacher-Gymnasium. In front of the respective upper classes, he talked about life – his in particular – life in Ethiopia, education in his homeland, and about the Adigrat Vision Association and the opportunities to volunteer at kindergartens.

In addition to this, Hagos himself visited two kindergartens where he showed a short film to the Munich-based children about life in a kindergarten.  

Another great success was the very well-attended information evening in the parish hall of the “Heilig Blut” community. Hagos educated a room of interested visitors through pictures and facts about the success of the association’s various projects, followed by a cosy post-event with Ethiopian coffee, Prosecco and beer.

At the end of his stay, Hagos had the opportunity to meet with many of the former Adigrat Vision volunteers again.

A lot was achieved over these 10 days - many thanks to Hagos Gebremariam for his commitment and of course, to our friends, sponsors, the schools and our volunteers for making this all possible.


February 2017: The mother project enters a new phase

Encouraged by the success of the first 20 mothers who, with the help of microcredits amounting to € 300, were able to implement their business ideas successfully a second phase of this project has now started. From the first round almost all mothers without exception are now in the process of making return payments. In response to this, Adigrat Vision, together with representatives from the municipality of Adigrat, has identified 20 further mothers from its Kindergarten who will go on to receive funding on the 20th February and in so doing kick start the second round of this project.

New Project – Improving the provision of clean water in the Kindergarten and surrounding neighbourhoodd

On the grounds of climate change over the past few years we have observed that our Adigrat Vision Kindergarten is unfortunately affected by a considerably reduced standard in the provision of drinking water. This is related to the fact that the public supply of water is also badly affected and our Kindergarten is reliant on this source.  Even the surrounding wells are revealing the same negative developments.

In talks with representatives from the responsible authorities for the municipality of Adigrat our fears were confirmed: This trend is affecting the entire city area as well as the surrounding regions of Adigrat and has become particularly bad since 2016.

In Summer 2016 a large water pipe was laid that was able to temporarily alleviate the problem. Long-term, however, Adigrat Vision would like to build an underground cistern (able to capture rain water) and possibly drill through to a well able to provide drinking water. This will ensure that health and hygiene levels are maintained.

These are therefore Adigrat Vision’s goals for the year 2017 which we plan to realise through collaboration with experts dedicated to conducting a solid initial investigation.

Become a sponsor for a child in the Adigrat Vision Kindergarten!

Thanks to an amount € 22 per month you can enable a child to attend kindergarten in Adigrat. The child can attend the kindergarten from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, gets two meals a day and is well cared for the whole day. His mother can work during this time to contribute to the family's livelihood.


Currently Adigrat Vision e.V. is looking for sponsors for the newly admitted children aged 3 and 4. Find out more under support/sponsorship!!!